Tess Morley

Business Development Director

Tess is responsible for the marketing team, developing the business development strategy for the business. Tess identifies and meets new business prospects, establishing their construction or refurbishment needs, and guiding them through the pre-construction process. Taking a customer-centric approach, the role draws on Tess’ relationship-building skills, challenging her to meet client expectations through our delivery teams.

She enjoys meeting new people, getting to know prospective clients, their architects and professional teams, understanding their businesses and developing insight into their industry – and then using her own experience and industry knowledge to help successfully convert new business prospects into satisfied customers.

Once a project is confirmed, Tess will establish with the client and their team, their considerations for success, over and above our contractual obligations. She will then monitor and evaluate our performance during and post-contract.

Away from the office (or when she’s not on the road!), Tess enjoys the outdoors. Owning a horse and keeping pigs and chickens takes up much of her spare time. She also enjoys playing badminton and cycling.

Tess Morley
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