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Articles, Features and Opinion | Chalcroft

Articles, features and opinion

Our knowledge of our clients' industries enables us to contribute to editorial in the food & drink and logistics sectors, as well as construction.

Take a look at some of our editorial features below:

Setting the standards: Our experience and some tips for you


There are many benefits to the implementation of standards into an organisation, but there are also many challenges along the way. Todd Hallam, Chalcroft’s QEHS Director was recently invited to speak at ‘The Future of ISO 45001 Seminar’, hosted by the ACT Associates, a provider of health, safety and environmental solutions. ISO 45001 has been officially launched as the new global standard for occupational health and safety and will replace OHSAS 18001.Chalcroft has three offices in the UK, has 100 employ...

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Taking advantage of Ice Age opportunities


People passionate about the frozen foods industry gathered at a Business Conference to...

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Frozen food sector shows a healthy future


Chalcroft once again sponsored the recent British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) November...

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Live construction: minimising the risks


Check out Chalcroft's interview with Food Manufacture magazine re successfully managing construction projects within a live site...Live site construction - minimising the risks...

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What will the Spring Budget mean for Chalcroft's construction sector?


Following the announcement in the Spring Budget that the UK's economy is continuing to grow, Paul Morley, Managing Director of Chalcroft, reflects on what this news will mean for the construction industry.There was natural uncertainty following the referendum with regards to the state of the UK economy and as a result, building and construction suffered a momentary downturn. However, we’re seeing that momentum is gathering pace and recovering from the previous dip – illustrated by figures r...

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Where next for the warehouse?


The warehouse as we know it is changing, because the supply chain industry as we know it is changing. Customer habits in all sectors are shifting – from the fall of the traditional weekly ‘big shop’ to the rise in demand for ‘same-day’ delivery on...

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Extinguishing the risk of fire related downtime


With warehouse fires costing the UK economy around £232 million (BRE Global), mitigating fire risk is a key concern for many industries. None more so than the food and beverage sector which suffered a series of serious fires last year resulting in costly damage to warehouse and production facilities, operation downtime and loss of stock. The impact of fire damage cannot be contained to just the organisation either.  As well as huge commercial losses, it can also cause multiple job losses and affect the w...

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Safety concerns amplify sanctions


Due to the growing emphasis placed on employers to safeguard their employees and contractors, the Sentencing Council has introduced stringent guidelines for the fining of organisations and individuals convicted of corporate manslaughter or causing serious injury or harm to employees and non-employees. The new guidelines for the courts came into force on 1 February 2016 and Todd Hallam, QEHS Director of specialist construction company Chalcroft, member of the Expert Group with the BFFF and the Operations &...

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Asbestos eradication proposal for all public and commercial buildings


While the use of asbestos as insulation and fire protection has ceased since its carcinogenic properties were discovered in the 1980s, many buildings still contain this dangerous fibre. As a result, the European Parliament has proposed the removal of asbestos from all European public buildings by 2028. Todd Hallam, Chalcroft’s QEHS Director, looks at the proposed eradication programme, and how to safely implement an asbestos management plan. ...

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BBC Newsnight puts spotlight on construction safety


In the wake of a BBC Newsnight investigation into falsified construction skills registrations, the issue of site safety is once again under the spotlight. Launched in 1995, the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) issues cards to construction workers to verify competence in a variety of areas including health and safety. The investigation has shown that, in some cases, candidates were given the correct answers by instructors during their exam or could simply buy their card with no examination p...

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Grand designs: A future proof pharma manufacturing facility


Following our completion of a new cleanroom for Bespak Europe Ltd, which has since been confirmed by independent specialists, GMP Validation Consultants, as the largest cleanroom in the UK, Cleanroom Technology magazine interviewed Chalcroft to learn more about our approach to managing such a considerable construction project for the pharmaceutical industry.Read the full article here >>>...

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Designed-in hygiene


Check out our contribution to an article about food factory design by Paul Gander for Food Manufacture magazine: Factory design and layout can have as big an impact on hygiene as systems and procedures. Paul Gander finds out where the cracks are...

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Construction compliance: new regulations affect food industry


Monday 6 April saw the new Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 officially come into force, marking the beginning of a six-month transitional period before the deadline date of 6 October. So what do food manufacturers planning construction projects need to know? Todd Hallam, EHS Director at specialist food processing construction company Chalcroft, explains.While the food and drink industry may not have been as badly hit by the most recent recession as other sectors, including construction...

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Immediate priorities


More than two thirds of UK food and drink manufacturing professionals have an optimistic outlook about the future of their business when compared to 2012, according to the Food Manufacture survey conducted this summer....

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Legislation, the building blocks of food


Mark Reeve was interviewed by Chris Shaw, Editor of Food Processing magazine, to discuss challenges specific to the food sector when it comes to successful construction projects....

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Building for recovery

While the food and drink industry may not have been as badly hit by the most recent recession as other sectors, including construction, proceeding with caution has still been the modus operandi for most UK manufacturers. However, as the economy as a whole continues to experience modest growth, is now the time to take more bold decisions and remove significant expansion projects from their mothballs? Mark Reeve, Chalcroft Managing Director, looks at the growth anticipated in 2015, and how capital investment can...

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Building for better ratings

The Energy Act 2011 has generated its share of debate since it came into force with calls for greater clarity regarding the energy ratings of commercial rented property in particular. In 2012, the Government confirmed that it would unlawful to rent a business premises with an energy rating lower than E from 1 April 2018. Now, as wider economic recovery looks more assured, the incentive to invest in these buildings is growing. Today, a little over two years after the Energy Act 2011 received Royal Assent, ...

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More food for thought

To help meet demand from the world's growing population, it is claimed that food production must double by 2050. While increasing demand may be offset by changes in consumer behaviour and the drive to reduce waste, it remains undeniable that food production must increase dramatically. And that means increasing pressure on existing infrastructure as well as the opportunity to develop new, more efficient facilities....

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The construction landscape in 2014

There is no denying that 2013 was a challenging year for the construction industry. Yet despite predictions of the worst decline in construction activity for more than 30 years, Chalcroft has successfully completed a number of significant projects in the last 12 months. With a backlog in the pipeline, I expect many will see an upturn in volume this year aided by the increasing pressure on infrastructure as well as the opportunity to develop new, more efficient facilities....

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A foundation for cutting food industry waste

The green agenda is growing daily but are we in danger of overlooking the foundations on which industry can deliver such change?...

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Green building, a global trend

It may already be a global trend but green building has the potential to deliver far greater savings for industry than those being achieved today....

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Cautious optimism in the wake of investment cuts

Billions promised for investment in infrastructure, but will it make any difference?...

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